October 5, 2015

Cakeovers: Something Elegant to do with leftover cake… Truffles


I don’t know about y’all, but I if I make cake, I make too much cake…  A few weeks ago we celebrated my daughter’s birthday, which was two weeks after my mother’s birthday, which was a week after my husband’s birthday– take home message is that we were eating cake for weeks.  Not only that, but I made 3 dozen cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday party to go with the cake–take home message is that no one ate the cake.  But what do you do with the leftovers?  I don’t want to throw cake away–it’s too good.  And even though the dogs begging eyes are never far from the kitchen, that just seems like a waste too.  Especially on birthday cakes that you bake then decorate.  This year, I got smart and I made them into cake truffles.  It is simple, delicious, and elegant.  They also make great treats to accompany thank you cards. 


Cake truffles are a three ingredient dessert.  All you need is baked cake, icing, and melted chocolate for dipping.  And if you use leftover cake it gets even easier, because the first two ingredients are already put together.  Take your cake and crush it.  In a large bowl just smash it until the cake is nothing but crumbs.  Next stir to evenly distribute frosting, which gives you a pasty consistency and a mushy texture.  If there isn’t much frosting and the mixture looks too dry, then add about 1/2 C frosting to the mixture.  

Once the mixture is complete, scoop this out and place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  Scoop all the truffles and then place in freezer.  Freezing the cakes will help them hold together when you dip them.


While the cakes freeze, take your chocolate and melt in your preferred melting method.  I generally get lazy and go for the microwave to melt my chocolate.

Finally, line the counter with parchment paper, and remove one truffle from the freezer at a time so they don’t thaw prematurely.  Dip, place on paper, and grab another truffle.  This is so easy and delicious that you will be doing it anytime you have cake to spare.  I like to use a toothpick to remove the truffle from the fork, this helps to lift it and the melted chocolate up with less mess.


Garnish the truffles with chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, candy, or whatever you’d like.  Just make sure to spread it over the truffle before the chocolate coating hardens.

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Leftover Cake Truffles
2015-09-29 15:21:55

Yields 3
A quick fix for leftover cake that will impress everyone with it taste and appearance

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Total Time
1 hr

Total Time
1 hr

  1. Leftover cake with frosting
  2. Semi-sweet chocolate
  1. Crumble cake into crumb pieces then stir with frosting to create a paste-like texture
  2. Scoop mixture into balls and place on cookie sheet in freezer to harden
  3. Melt chocolate (30 Sec intervals in microwave, stirring between intervals)
  4. Dip truffles into the chocolate on a fork. Shake off excess. remove from fork onto parchment paper with a toothpick to prevent ruining the chocolate coating.
  5. Garnish then set aside to harden and serve either at room temperature or refrigerated.
By Stacy Noren
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