March 22, 2016

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


No food says “I Love You” like a dipped strawberry.  But there is also something so versatile about them.  They can be made to look like hearts for valentines day, carrots, for Easter, witch hats for Halloween.  This means the love can live on year round.  Even if you aren’t making them look like something you can change them up by using different colored coatings or filling them with cream cheese and graham crackers for a filled Strawberry Cheesecake…  that one is my personal favorite. DSC_0191

The trouble with Strawberries though comes with timing.  They can be super simple or a complete wreck and it all happens in a matter of seconds.  So here is my little guide to successful dipped strawberries.  

  1. Wash and Dry your strawberries: Strawberries are dirty.  They are delicious, but dirty.  So make sure to give them a good wash, but even more important–They have to be completely dry!  The easiest way to destroy your strawberries is to get water in the chocolate.  If the berries are not dry, the chocolate will not stick and the moisture will mix into the chocolate and cause it to seize up. DSC_0182
  2. Melt Chocolate with a Double Boiler Method: I love melting things in my microwave.  It is easy and does a great job.  I, however, have found that when I am dipping keeping the bowl sitting over the warm water keeps your chocolate smoother longer, which make dipping go smoother.  This is especially true with white chocolate.DSC_0192
  3. Once Dipped, Allow the Strawberries to Air Dry: This takes more time than sticking them in a cool place, but it means they won’t sweat and they are easier to transport if you are taking them to someone.DSC_0194
  4. Strawberries Stay Fresh for 24 Hours: It is best to dip a ripe strawberry, allow it to dry, and then enjoy within the next 24 hours.  They begin to go bad, sweat, rot, or many other unpleasant things if left any longer than that.  So, if you are dipping a lot of Strawberries, this is not something that can be done days in advance.DSC_0198

Now it’s Easter time, so go out there and dip some strawberries that look like carrots!!!  This is done by dipping the strawberry in colored white chocolate or in candy melts.  Either is delicious and, with the naturally green stem, you get the carrot look in minutes.  Happy Easter!